Essential Wellness Guide: Basic 7


An in-depth 25-page guide into the most essential aspects of health. Use these tips and tricks to optimise your wellness and transform the way you live.

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The Essential Wellness Guide: Basic 7 is a breakdown of the most important and foundational wellness tips and tricks. These secrets lead to a routine that we look forward to and allows health and wellness to fit seamlessly into daily life.

Within one week, you will have all of the tools necessary to transform the way you live, think and feel.

The Essential Wellness guide focuses on the following concepts:

  1. Routine - This is the foundation of wellness. Our bodies have a natural rhythm and we have lost the frequency to connect with it. Our bodies intuitively know how to be well; we need to allow this process to happen.
  2. A space of our own - it is vital to create a space in order to create intimacy and to embrace the art of everyday happiness. The mood we create around us is intricate to our wellbeing.
  3. Water - lesson three teaches us how water rejuvenates the system and purifies us. Tactics behind how we drink water, and what we add to our water, can have a game-changing impact on health.
  4. Sleep - we need to understand melatonin to truly optimise our health. Weave well-kept secrets into your evening routine and see the amazing impact.
  5. Movement - a fast metabolism becomes like a get-out-of-jail-free card if you harness the benefits correctly. We can use our movement to boost metabolism and break wellness barriers.
  6. Habit building - master the process of habit-building, and you hold the power to rewire your brain's programming.
  7. Self-awareness - our body intuitively understands wellness. there is no one-size-fits-all diet or exercise program for everyone. The key is learning what your unique body constitution needs - you simply have to learn to listen.

True well-being is simple. The modern world has complicated health and happiness - it is now time to come back to the basics. It is time to turn our attention inward to what is most important.



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