Power Yoga at Home


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Power Yoga at Home will challenge you with a 3-part video yoga flow.

A Taste of Power Yoga...

The first flow will guide you through the building and sculpting of muscles in the shoulders, chest, and arms. Create a strong upper body to provide fluid movement in poses such as Upward-Facing Dog, Chaturanga (as seen below) and the Dolphin Pose.

Chaturanga Power Yoga

The second session focuses on toning up the lower body. Invigorate your quads, thighs, and calves through our standing poses such as the Warrior Poses (as seen below) and Chair pose.

Warrior 3 Power Yoga

Lastly, sweat through our Core Blast video, leaving you stronger and more resilient than ever before. Here we work through our Boat poses and leg raises (as seen below).

ALternating leg raises for Power Yoga

Safety first

All three flows are designed to include mobility and stability training throughout the session. This ensures that your yoga practice is safe and that your formation of poses is correct. You will be guided in such a way to avoid injury at all times.

With our Power Yoga at Home practice, we are still seeking to include mindfulness and peace as our core values. We do this by starting and ending each session by centering and focussing. We also work with breathing practices throughout the sessions.

Practice anywhere

Our Power Yoga at Home videos allow you to practice anywhere. Grab a mat or towel to practice on. You can also use yoga blocks to help with certain poses, but if you don't have these available then rolled up blankets or pillows will also work!

Crystal is a high-performance athlete with a thorough knowledge of anatomy. Her studies of the yoga practice, undertaken in beautiful Bali, will ensure professional and high-quality yoga practice. All of this in the comfort of your own home - what are you waiting for?



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