The Art of Eating Well is just that: an art. An experience. Something to be made beautiful!

Most people’s experience of nutrition is a one-size-fits-all meal plan. We have hopeful dreams of transformation in 30 days until the weather is cold and a salad is far too unappealing.

This is simply not the way to create truly healthy, sustainable eating habits.

Eat Well

The Psychology behind the Art of Eating Well

Our thought patterns around eating are extremely important when it comes to long-term health. The state of mind that we are in while we eat has a huge impact on how our body processes food!

Let’s consider a few key elements around the dinner table:

Firstly, what we choose to eat will become the foundational building blocks of our bodies. Your body will break down the food and essentially grow new cells and neurons with the building material you have provided!

Secondly, the food we eat has a huge impact on our mood. Certain foods will result in certain hormone production – score if you are eating the food that leaves you fuller and more energetic for longer.

Thirdly, you want to be eating food that will have a positive effect on your metabolism. The aim is to boost metabolism in order to have a strong digestive fire. When our digestive system is in balance, we see how our skin glows, our body feels great and we experience a feeling of all-round wellness.

The art of eating well

The Art of Eating Well Guide

This guide is created with the aim to boost health in the right way. There are a few essential aspects of nutrition that we need to consider first before we even begin to look at what is actually ON the plate!

For example, it is critical to consider the season we are in when choosing what we eat. Certain spices can aid or harm our digestive process based simply on what season you consume it in! Not the kind of information provided in the one-size-fits-all diet plan mentioned earlier, right?

This guide will lead you through a process of rewiring the way you think about mealtimes, and thus will impact how your body absorbs nutrition.

Only when we stop hurtful mindsets towards eating and nutrition will we begin to feel well. This will lead to looking great and achieving more than you would have with a “30-day Drop-Weight-Fast” diet plan.

Interested in the journey to a life-long beautiful relationship with food and nutrition? Check out our guide here.