We all want the manifestation of our ideal life. Our home, our job, our holiday destinations. There seem to be people living around us who achieve these things all the time, and so there has to be a way to make our dreams a reality? Perhaps learning the practice of manifestation is the way to do this.

Manifestation of Bridge at Night

The Practice of Manifestation

Essentially, manifestation is about changing your mindset and thoughts to put yourself in a space to achieve your dreams. You won’t be noticed at work for performance if you are continuously in a negative space. You won’t be invited along to join weekend festivities if you are doubting your friendships and anxious over being left out. A romantic interest won’t stick around if you’re always insecure about them breaking up with you. In other words, thoughts have the power to make your mood, your outlook and ultimately your way of life.

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The Steps of Manifestation

It is our choice and responsibility to use this power of thought positively and advantageously. Here are 5 simple steps to follow to start turning your ideal life into your reality.

1. Know what you want in your life.

This is the reason why mindfulness is so important – it is because you need to be in a reflective, introspective space. You need to know who you are, what you want, and why you want those things. Ask yourself what benefits your desires have for your life.  You need to connect with your intention and believe that you can make this manifestation happen in your life.

2. Eliminate anything from your life that will stop you from achieving your goal.

Often people know what they want, however, they don’t believe that they can attain it. Doubt sets in and thoughts turn negative, which changes our mindset, attitude and even the company we keep. For instance, when people tell us it is not realistic, we believe them – because that was what we already believed unconsciously.

This is where we need to be relentless.

Eliminate negative mindsets – you can get what you want because you deserve to and you will work for it.
Remove toxic people – let them be scared and live protected lives, but we refuse to live small.
Let go of impatience – these things come when they come. We cannot control the timing. Don’t become despondent, just work on attitude and do what you can. If it is meant to be, it will come when it can.

3. Visualize what you want to manifest

Many mindfulness techniques use the practice of visualization. When it comes to visualizing our goals, it is best to take a full sensory approach. This means that you will use all your senses when you imagine achieving what you have set for yourself. See it – how do you look in your new work role. Really see everything from your clothes to your smile. Feel it – feel the pride and joy of achievement and become overwhelmed with emotion. Smell it, taste it. Really make it a reality in your mind. Find a quiet space daily and commit to doing this properly. Living this reality will change how you think and act and you will become that person – the achiever of dreams.

4. Take action to make it happen

Through the first 5 steps, you will begin to take notice of the opportunities in your life that get you to your goal. Take the opportunities and do your best with them. As you begin to become the person that achieves the goals you want, you will take on a different perspective of your life. Your friends may change, your hobbies may change, your weekends might look extremely different. This can be a hard process, but we have to maintain discipline. That is to say, the person we are becoming is stronger and more resilient. You will thank yourself later for the sacrifices you have made.

Manifestation in Green Park With Chair

5. Recognize and be grateful

This process, while simple to understand, is not easy in practice. For instance, if you set your intention to lose 10kgs, and have a great time visualizing what it feels like, the practical work is definitely not a great time. You may stop going for lavish dinners with friends, take up running over weekends, and in addition, you will continually have to push yourself mentally. The person that you become will be different – they have to be because they are in now possession of your dreams.

Go Get It

So in the end, recognise what you have been through. Above all, appreciate how hard the process was. And then believe that you can do it all over again. At the end of the day, achieving greatness does not finish. There is always a next level and a change to make. Just stop along the way and love yourself and the journey.

Have a great day.
Lots of light and love xx