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High Quality & Professional Yoga 

Put your trust into the hands of yogis who have brought knowledge and expertise back from beautiful Canguu in Bali. At the forefront, we strive to provide asana classes of the highest level to achieve unity of mind, body and spirit. 


“Yoga is not only essential as a form of exercise in itself. Yoga targets mobility which is essential in all forms of sports and exercise. In this way, we cater not only to aspiring yogis, but to those who want to optimise their crossfit, body-building or running abilities! Adding yoga to these sports will give you revolutionary and mind-blowing results.”

Crystal Tipping, Owner Yoga With Crystal

Semi-Private Studio

Our small and intimate space allows our yogis to feel safe and welcomed. The teaching space is therefore optimal for one-on-one attention and personal guidance. Let your instructor know if you have any problem areas as we can suggest poses suited to your body.

Ultimately, we believe in connection, and we find our beautiful space allows for just that. 

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We specialise in Beginner Yoga classes, and so we welcome anyone new to our small and intimate space.

Our Hatha Yoga classes focus on balancing the body, using static poses and gentle flows, we find hamony within our body and mind.

Our Power Yoga classes offer a bit more upbeat flows, focussing on mobilising and strenthening the body. Tone up and sweat it out in these classes!

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