Cat-cow is great for warming up the spine and keeping it flexible. Let’s take a close look at this pose to see why it is a wonderful key to energy.

cat-cow pose

Cat-Cow and the Source of Energy

Cat-cow is a gentle flow between two poses – the Cat the pose and, you guessed it, the Cow Pose. It is a great stretch from the torso to the neck. It also opens up the chest which encourages slower, deeper breathing – ideal for getting in some oxygen as you wake up!

This pose is a good opportunity to check in with yourself and with your spine. Your central energetic channel runs from the root of your spine up to the crown of the head. Just by bringing awareness to this channel, we can consequently improve our mood, energy level and essentially our quality of life. It is important to bring focus to your spine to improve posture and coordination. In addition, if you were to carry yourself with grace as you lengthen your spine, you would begin to notice the feeling of empowerment that comes with such a simple adjustment.

The pose is also a great way to energise the body. Similarly, it is a common flow used at the beginning of yoga practice to avoid injury and optimise the lengthening of the spine.

How to perform this flow

  1. Start on all fours, ensuring that your hands are below your shoulders. and your knees are below your hips. Press your fingertips into the mat to ensure the weight on your hands is even. Your head is centered in a neutral position.
  2. To move into Cow pose, inhale as you drop your belly towards the mat. Simultaneously, lift your chib and chest upwards to look towards the ceiling.
  3. Move into Cat pose as you exhale. Draw the belly button in towards your spine and round your back. Without force, your chin will move up to almost touch your chest.
  4. Inhale and move back into Cow Pose, and then exhale as you come back into Cat Pose.
  5. Repeat as many times as it feels good.

Above all, be aware of your breath throughout the movement. This is not a race to move through the movement, but rather like the flow of the ocean through your body. Feel the dance of energy along your spine.

Lastly, be gentle with your neck in this flow. This is a slow warm-up to ease you into your day, or into another flow.

Have a great day,

Lots of light and love xx

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