Twist poses in yoga can be simple and quick to practice, yet they can have powerful benefits. If you have ten minutes free, try out a simple twist such as the Revolved Easy Pose.

How to Twist pose

Twist Poses: The Benefits

All twist poses increase flexibility in the spine. We know from the Cat-Cow pose that keeping your spine flexible has anti-aging benefits. These twist poses also stretch out the knees, shoulders, and chest.

By practicing this pose, you essentially stop the blood from flowing into the abdominal organs temporarily. On release, the blood then rushes back in, providing an influx of fresh blood and a detoxification effect. This leads to a boost in energy and overall health, as well as resulting in a stimulating effect in the digestive system.

The twist poses also lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety in the body. In other words, by “wringing out” the body, we allow the energy to flow freely again. This will work out blockages and allow the upward flow of energy.

So many benefits from such a simple pose!

How to Perform Parivrtta Sukhasana

  1. Start in a cross-legged position with your hands resting gently on your knees.
  2. Lengthen your spine as you inhale, and on the exhale begin to take a gentle twist to your right side. Place your right hand behind you, and your left-hand rests on your right knee. Don’t force your twist with your hands.
  3. Ensure your collarbone is up and your shoulder press back. try not to hunch forward.
  4. Hold for a couple of breaths. On each exhale, try to twist deeper (again, just with the body and not forcing with the hands).
  5. On the exhale, return to center. Switch the legs so the opposite foot is in front, lengthen the spine with an inhale, and twist on the exhale to your left side to repeat the pose.

Twisty Tips to Optimise this Pose

  • Remember, it is important to maintain deep breathing throughout this practice.
  • If your hips are tight, feel free to sit on a block or a blanket.
  • Ensure the crown of your head is directly above your tailbone during the twist.
  • This pose can be performed anywhere – even on a chair. It doesn’t require much warming up, just ensure to move slowly to protect your spine.

To sum up, twist poses are a great way to relieve stiffness and regain energy. Certainly take a few moments out of your day for this simple self-care practice.

Lots of light and love xx