“Warrior Rookie Elite is a 5km run. That’s basically just a park run. Except, the park is just like Jurassic Park.” – Warrior Ric.

To add to this comment, Ric’s advice is to look at each obstacle and say ” I’ve got this.”. I find this kind of advice before a race so great. It really is a reminder that OCR is just as much about mental endurance as it is physical endurance.

Warrior, Be Brave

The first Warrior Race of 2020 set the tone for the year. It was no joke as the heat was intense and the terrain was super unsteady. This race was also one for the runners, and the first 3kms of the Rookie Elite race was essentially just running.

Just after the 3km mark, we hit the Mud Monster which was just that – an absolute monster. The mud was super sticky and I honestly thought I would have to depart with my dear shoes!

Warrior - Mud
Myself and BeowolfSA

Fortunately, I was able to haul myself out of there in reasonable time. I must say that that exertion took it out of me, and I was feeling pretty fatigued for the last kilometer of obstacles. The Warped Wall doesn’t usually trip me up, however, with my wet shoes, I had absolutely no grip and failed three times to get up. It was with the help of a dear family member that I was able to clear my mind, regain my focus and get up that wall.

The Tower of Rage is another obstacle that hasn’t worried me in the past, but for some reason at Tierpoort, I had some true fear. My method is always to get to the top of the stairs and yell “CAN I GO?” while running. I don’t look down otherwise I would definitely lose my nerve!

When You Can See The Finish Line…

my medal

Overall, I found this race to be the toughest Warrior Race that I’ve done. Finishing with a time of just over 42 minutes, I am super happy, landing myself at 2nd place overall.

I am, however, truly disappointed at the management of the Warrior Race as there was an issue once again with the results. I was called up for 3rd place on the podium, with the “winner” having finished AN HOUR later than myself. When I approached management, my result was later corrected to 2nd place. Unfortunately, this is a case of “too little, too late”, as the photos still show me in 3rd place.

Podium - Incorrect

To sum up, regardless of mismanagement, I had a really great day. I absolutely love all of the Warriors who take part in the Obstacle Course Races. Their heart, passion, and determination is so admirable and I am grateful to be part of this incredible sport.

Let’s Get It

The next warrior race is the 14th of March and you can bet I’ve got my eyes on Gold for this one! Let’s get to training – Where my soldiers at?


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